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Packing for this trip was not fun at all and I unhappily admit that I have been a huge baby over the past few weeks/months getting my clothing and gear ready. So, thank you to my family and friends who put up with me complaining about how nothing ever fits me (I’m 4’11″), travel clothes are ugly, I’m too busy to go shopping, etc., etc.

In the end, it all worked out, as it always does. Everything fits, both on me and most importantly, in my bag.

Clothing-wise I tried to keep it simple and neutral which for those who know me, is how I dress anyway. What didn’t I bring? A skirt or a dress…figured I can buy something on the road. What will take the most getting used to? Not wearing heels every day (see above comment regarding my height).  Here’s what I’m taking:

  • 4 pairs of pants (1 lululemon yoga pant and then 3 sort of cargo/travel ones)
  • 1 pair pajama pants (basically yoga pants – p.s. I don’t do yoga)
  • 5 long sleeve shirts (all Icebreaker for various temperatures)
  • 1 t-shirt
  • 3 tank tops (1 for bed)
  • 1 zip-up wool jacket (Icebreaker again!)
  • 1 rain jacket (Marmot PreCip)
  • 2 bathing suits
  • 3 sports bra, 1 normal bra, maybe 5 socks, 5 underwear)
  • 1 reversible hat, a few bandanas
  • Hiking/walking shoes (Merrell Chameleon Arc Wind Gore-Tex)
  • Sandals (Chaco ZX/1 Unaweep)
  • Ballet flats (Puma Karlie Ballet)
  • Flip flops (Reef)

Then I packed everything into several storage cubes along with the rest of my gear which I won’t go into in detail because frankly it’s boring, but things like a travel towel, sleep sack, all our prescription medicines, and way too many toiletries. This was all jammed into my backpack, which is a Gregory Jade 50 XS bag which has specifications of 2807 cu in /46 L. What does that mean? It’s pretty small, described by one website as “perfect for weekend jaunts.” When I actually put it on though it seems (and feels) huge.

I also have a small daypack that I is a Black Diamond Bullet that I can fold up and put into my larger bag when I’m not using it. Here are both of my bags packed and ready to go!

bag innardspacked bags














No blue jeans for me. Clothes Brandyn

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Here’s a list of what I’m going to bring.

Basically it is a whole lot of Merino wool. Icebreaker specifically.

It’s all very neutral in color and not at all what I normally wear. It will take some getting used to.

Clothes Brandyn

This is it…


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Everybody keeps asking, “I don’t know how you two are doing it.” “Did you win the lottery?” Truth is we’ve always saved. We never really adjusted our livestyles much. Last year we were married in Bled, Slovenia so saving is just something that we do. When we made up our minds to travel the world, the choice was simple, are we going to put down money on an apartment or are we going to quit our jobs and take the opportunity of a lifetime… opportunity rang.

Just so that you have an idea, our budget is roughly $70 per person per day. That will include the flights and accommodation. This does not include, gear, electronics, vaccinations, or anything that we spent in the U.S.

We will not be spending much time in dorm room situations or living a ‘backpackers’ lifestyle. We will maintain a fairly decent way of life on the road.

Gear – Brandyn

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Here’s a list of the gear I’ve brought:

Gear B


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Here’s a list of the electronics that we have for the trip:


These are the electronics that we are bringing



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